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Page last updated 07-May-2002

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New hardware:
Nintendo Game Cube +++

New games:
Conker's Bad Fur Day (Very cool and sick mature RARE game)
Killer Instinct

Equipment page updated 16-February-2002
Rare page updated 11-August-2001
Turok page updated 11-August-2001
Dreamcast page updated 11-August-2001
Original games owned:

57 Nintendo 64 games
8 Dreamcast games
~100 CD32 games
~50 CDTV Game/Encoclypedias
6 SNES Games
11 Gameboy games
~150 Amiga games (Both CD and Disk)
~150 PC Games (CD only games)
~30 Commodore 64 games
6 Commodore Vic-20 games
5 Playstation Games
1 Atari Lynx
8 Nintendo 8-Bit