Rob's Console and Computer Equipment
Press this link to see my Stereo and Video hardware

Nintendo Wii U Premium

Nintendo Wii U Premium 32.GB
Verbbatim 32.GB USB Flash Storage
Maxtor External 320.GB HD

Wii U Tablet Controller
Wii U Pro Controller
Wii Fit U Meter (Black)
Wii Fit U Meter (White)
Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset
LAN Adapter
Snakebyte Wireless Sensor Bar (Wii/Wii U)
Sensor Bar
Misc Wii Equipment
21 Amiibo's


007 Legends
Assassins Creed 3
Assassins Creed 4
Batman Arkham City - Armoured Edition
Batman Arkham Origins
Bayonetta 2 - First Print Edition
Call of Duty - Black Ops 2
Call of Duty - Ghosts
Captain Toad - Treasure Tracker
Deus EX 3 - Human Revolution
Darksiders 2
Donkey Kong - Tropical Freeze
Epic Mickey 2
Hyrule Warriors
Injustice - Gods Among Us
Just Dance 4
Just Dance 2014
Lego City Undercover
Mario Kart 8 - Limited Edition
Mario Party 10
Mass Effect 3 - Special Edition
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Nintendo Land
New Super Mario Bros U
Ninja Gaiden 3 - Razor's Edge
Pikmin 3
Project Zero - Limited Edition
Rabbids Land
Rayman Legends
Resident Evil Revelations
Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed
Splatoon - Limited Edition
Star Fox Zero - First Print Edition
Super Mario 3D World
Tekken Tak Tournament 2
The Amazing Spiderman - Ultimate Edition
The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker HD - Limited Edition
The Wonderful 101
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Blacklist
Wii Fit U
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Your Shape - Fitness Evolved 2013
Zombi U

And more Retails. 60 Retail in Total.
55 eShop Games.

NVIDIA Shield TV #1

Tegra X1 - 64-Bit (64.GB+16.GB)

UHD 4K/60
Android TV 5.1
NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor with a 256-core GPU and 3 GB RAM
64.GB SD (Sony)
Logitech K400 Keyboard + Touch + Media
IPEGA 9021 Gamepad
Moga Pocket Gamepad
Mini Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Game Joystick Controller
Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad
Xbox 360 Wired Gamepad
Wii U Pro Gamepad
NES Retro USB Gamepad
MiGamepad/Mocast BT Gamepad/Remote

NVIDIA Shield TV #2

Tegra X1 - 64-Bit (500.GB+16.GB)
UHD 4K/60
Android TV 8.1
NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor with a 256-core GPU and 3 GB RAM
500.GB HDD
NVIDIA Shield Remote

Nintendo Switch (Black/Dark Grey)

Tegra X1
Tegra X1
32.GB Flash
Sandisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC 160MB/s
200.GB SD
64.GB SD
32.GB SD
Mayflash NS Wireless Adapter for Xbox, Wii U, PS4 etc.
Power A Zelda Themed Xbox Controller (Wired)
GameDevil Switch On the Move Pack Black

Docooler R39

Mali 400 / RK3229 Quad-Core 32-Bit
Android 8.1
UHD 4K/60
2 GB RAM / 16.GB Flash
16.GB USB Flash
4 USB Ports
Hardware 3D MVC Decoding
Docooler Remote
Logitech K400 Plus Media Keyboard

Komplett Gaming PC

Intel Quad Core
BenQ 28" EL2870U - 4K + HDR + Freesync
Philips 27" 273V5LHAB 1080p,
Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD
Seagate Firecuda 2TB 3.5" SSHD 7200 rpm
Cooler Master HAF912 Tower
Cooler Master G650M, 650W PSU (Modular)
ASUS B85-PRO GAMER, Socket-1150 ATX, B85, DDR3, 2xPCIe-x16, CFX, Intel GbLAN & Gam
Intel Core i7-4790
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 960 2GB PhysX CUDA PCI-Express 3.0, GDDR5, DL-DVI-I, HDMI 2.0, 3x D
16.GB RAM - Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Black 4x4GB 1600MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM
ASUS BW-16D1HT, Blu-Ray Writer (BDXL, 128.GB)
Seagate® Desktop SSHD 1TB
Logitech G19 RGB Keyboard with LCD
SteelSeries Rival 300 CS:GO
Epson XP-760 Printer

Xbox One X

4K + HDR + 4K Drive
4K + HDR
1.TB (Internal)
2.TB External HDD USB 3.0
1.TB USB 3.0 #1
1.TB USB 3.0 #2
Microsoft Xbox One Gamepad
Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Combat Tech Special Edition
Microsoft Headset
Microsoft Xbox Media Remote
Dobe Xbox One Gamepad

Xbox One

500.GB (Internal)
Microsoft Xbox One Gamepad
Dobe Xbox One Gamepad
Logik Kit (Dual Charger, 2 batteries etc.)
Halo MCC+Ori Bundle

Playstation 4 Slim

500.GB (Internal)
Seagate Game Drive PS4 4TB
PS4 Gamepad Dual Shock V2
PS4 Gamepad Dual Shock V2 - Silver Black
Sony Headset

Hardware Add-Ons:

Dobe PS4 Media Remote 2.4Ghz WIFI
Sony Xperia Z3+
Asus Gaming PC (Remote Play)
PS Move
PS Navigon

Steam Link

Steam TV Mode
3 * USB 3.0
LAN Port
Android Keyboard Remote

Nintendo 2DS

PSU / Charger
32.GB SD Card
4.GB SD Card
Official Carry Case
Rubber Coating

30 DL Games
12 Retail Games

IP Camera 160, 360 Eye

WIFI IP Camera
360 Degree rotation
SD Slot
Speaks in English and Chinese

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 10.1"

Android 7.x
8x ARM-Cortex A53
Dolby Atmos
Bluetooth 4.2
LAN Support
5.Ghz WIFI
Multi-User Fingerprint Scanner
Face Scanner

Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 10.1"

Android 5.x
Dolby Atmos
Bluetooth 4.0
LAN Support
5.Ghz WIFI

Ipega PG-9021

Works on:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
and others.

Up to 20 hours on one charge.
Media buttons

Acer Iconia Tab W1-810 8"

Windows Windows 10
Windows 10
32.GB Flash
32.GB SD
(Windows 8.1 (Free Win 10 Upgrade)

Sharkoon RAID BOX USB3.0/ESATA 5-BAY 3.5

SATA-3 / USB 3.0
Seagate Barracuda 3.TB 7200.RPM SATA-3 - 3.5"
Seagate Barracuda 1.TB 7200.RPM SATA-2 - 3.5"
+ Other HD's

Spectra Optics VR

Cardboard VR Compatible

Playstation VITA 3G + WI-FI

32.GB Memcard
4.GB Memcard
4.GB Memcard

Xgaming X-Arcade 2 Player

X-Arcade 2-Player
PCB Upgrade Kit with USB
PC Adapter
PSx Adapter

Logitech Squeezebox


Jack In
Jack Out

Epson Expression Photo XP-760

Color Touch Screen
WI-FI Hotspot
LAN / Ethernet Port
Memcard Slot
Android App (Remote)
And alot more.

Logitech G19 RGB Keyboard with LCD

Programmable Keyboard with USB HUB
RGB Keys
High-Res Color LCD Display
Native Support by many games

Steelseries Apex 150

RGB Keyboard
RGB Sync with Rival 300 Mouse among other things.
Programmable Keyboard
Native Support by many games

Logitech G15

Programmable Keyboard with USB HUB
High-Res LCD Display
Native Support by many games
TV's Used for consoles + 1080i Projector  
Philips "Matchline" PW8505 32" 100Hz Widescreen
All consoles are connected with RGB or Y/C for maximum picture quality
Philips "Matchline" FP8505 25" 100Hz Monitor TV (The TV that has it all:)
All consoles are connected with RGB or Y/C for maximum picture quality
Commodore (Philips) 14" 1084 Monitor (RGB)
Monochrome 12" Monitor
Trust S-VGA -> TV Adapter (PAL)

Google Chromecast


3G for Notebook

NetCom Globetrotter Option GT 3G Quad (Portable DSL 384K, UMTS)
NetCom E220 USB (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPDA, up to 2.Mbit )

Wayfinder Bluetooth GPS

Wayfinder Bluetooth GPS
Comatible Devices: PC, Notebook, Symbian phones, PocketPC etc..

Telenor/Samsung Smartphone (ISDN)

Samsung/Telenor operating system (Norwegian ISDN Phone)
Colour "touch" screen
128Kb Transfer on Internet
Smart Card Reader
ISDN text and SMS text messages compatible
And much more...

Satellite Tuner - PACE TDS460NV

2-Tuners (Record on 2 and watch a third program)
Internal 160 GBHD som gir deg 60 timer med opptak
Toslink/Optical Dolby Digital 5.1
Internal NDS
Open TV
8 days EPG
Fast Channel Search
Rewind and Fast Forward TV channels
S-Video utgang 
Software Upgradable

Denver CAD 452 Bluetooth

Bluetooth for Handsfree
1 Remote for CD/MP3 Player
1 Remote for Cell Phone
SD/MMC Card Slot
USB Connector for MP3 Player/Pen Drive
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
CD-R/CD-RW Support
MP3 support from CD and Memcard
Line Out
Line In
RDS / Traffic Announcement
and more....

Satellite Tuner - Strong SRT 6750

Toslink/Optical Dolby Digital 2.0
Software Upgradable

Acer Aspire 5738ZG


Intel Core Duo T4300
ATI Radeon HD 4650 (1.GB Dedicated)
4096.MB RAM (Max 8.GB)
LED Screen 15.6" - 1366x768
Internal HD 640.GB
Web Camera
WLAN - 802.11bgn
Card Reader: SD MMC, MS, MS PRO, xD
1x Ethernet 10/100/1000
4x USB 2.0
1x Optical
1x VGA
1x Line In
1x Line Out
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Logitech K300 USB Keyboard (Backlight)
Microsoft SideWinder X3 Mouse
Creative Labs Arena Surround Gaming Headset XFI (USB)

Joytech X360 AC Control Center


LCD Display
Remote Control


4x Component
5x S-Video (1 in Front)
5x Composite (1 in Front)
5x Ethernet ports (1 in Front)
4x Optiska ingångar
5x 1x Analog RCA (1 in Front)

1x Component
1x S-Video
1x Composite
1x Ethernet
1x Optical
1x Analog RCA

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

2 * White Wiimotes
1 * Black Wiimote
2 * White Nunchuk
1 * Black Nunchuk
2 * Classic Controllers
Wii Motion Plus
Swordfish Gaming - USB Cooler
Gene Simmons Signature Axe Guitar
Wii Classic Controller
Wii Classic Pro Controller (Gold)
Wii LAN Adapter
Wii Fit + Balanceboard
Mad Catz Component Cable (480p/576p)
Brooklyn Wii Controller Grip
Trust Slimline USB Keyboard
Joytech Wii Racing Grip
Handy Strap for Wiimote
Multi Complex Mini Stick
Sensor Bar Cobra Stand


Excite Truck
Far Cry Vengeance
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Red Steel
Super Mario Galaxy
Tony Hawk Downhill Jam
Wii Fit
Wii Play
Wii Sports

Xbox 360 Slim

Xbox 360 320.GB

360 Equipment

Xbox 360 Premium

Xbox 360 Hard Drive 120.GB (Removable)
Xbox 360 Hard Drive 20.GB (Removable)
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Xbox 360 USB Wired Controller 1
Xbox 360 USB Wired Controller 2
Xbox 360 USB Wired Controller 3
Xbox 360 Microsoft Kinect (Camera)
Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player
Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote
Xbox 360 Live Vision
Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver PC
Xbox 360 Headset #1
Xbox 360 Headset #2
Xbox 360 Component HD-AV Cable
Xbox 360 VGA / Digital Cable
Xbox 360 Faceplate
Xbox 360 HD Transfer Kit
Logik Xbox 360 Kinect Stand
Xbox Ammo case Charger
Gears of War 3 - Throat Communicator
Energizer Docking Station (Charger)

Microsoft Wireless 360 Wheel/Pedals
Microsoft Chatpad and Headset (Black)
Microsoft Quick Charge Kit (Black)
Rocksmith Guitar
Rock Band 3 Keyboard
Guitar Hero II with Guitar
Guitar Hero III with Guitar
Guitar Hero 4 Guitar
Guitar Hero 4 Drums
Guitar Hero 4 Microphone
Guitar Hero 2 Xplorer Guitar
Rock Band Drums #1
Rock Band Drums #2
Rock Band Guitar #1
Rock Band Guitar #2
Rock Band Microphone #1
Rock Band Microphone #2
360 MiniSpy SATA Hard Drive
Scene-It w/ 4 controllers
Lips w/ 2 Wireless Microphones
Wireless Microphone
Microphone Stand
Extra Pedal for Drum Set
DJ Hero with Controller
DJ Hero 2 with Controller
Guitar Hero Charger Kit
Dancing Stage Universe 2 Dance Mat

360 Equipment

Playstation 3 + Playstation 3 Slim

PS3 20.GB (Launch)
PS3 Slim 160.GB
750.GB Hard Drive
250.GB Hard Drive
Wireless Controller (Sixaxxis) 
Wireless Controller (Dual Shock) (Green/Jungle Killzone 3)
PS3 Move Controller
PS3 Navigation Controller
Sony Blu-Ray Remote Control Bluetooth
Logitech Chillstream USB Gamepad
Mad Catz HDTV Component Cable
Eyepet W/"Control pad"
Playstation 3 Eye w/EyeCreate
The Eye of Judgement w/camera, board, stand, cards
Sony PS Move Charger Stand
Sony Move Shooter/Gun Attachment
Buzz - The Ultimate Quiz w/4 Controllers
Gioteck - EX-04 Stereo Wireless Headset
Gene Simmons Signature Axe Guitar



D-Link DGS-1008D Gigabit 8-Port Switch
D-Link DWA-160 Dual Band Wi-Fi USB 2.0
D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player
D-Link DI 604 Router/Switch/Hub
D-Link DI-614+ Wireless Router/Switch/Hub
D-Link DGS-1005D 10/100/1000 Mbit Switch #1
D-Link DGS-1005D 10/100/1000 Mbit Switch
D-Link DGE-530T 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet #1
D-Link DGE-530T 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet #2
D-Link DWL-120 USB Wireless
D-Link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter
D-Link DUB-H7 USB 2.0 HUB 7-Port
D-Link DFE-538TX Ethernet Adapter 10/100.Mbit
D-Link DUB-C2 Cardbus Adapter USB 2.0 (2 Ports)

TP-Link AC1900 Touch P5 Gigabit Router, USB 3.0
TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Gigabit Router
TP-Link Archer C50 AC1200
TP-Link UH720 USB 3.0 7-Ports Hub
TP-Link TL-SG108 8-port 100/1000M Gigabit Switch #1
TP-Link TL-SG108 8-port 100/1000M Gigabit Switch #2
TP-Link TL-SF1008D 8-port Unmanaged 10/100M Desktop Switch
TP-Link TL-SG105 5-port 100/1000M Switch (Metal Casing)
NetGear WN2500RP Universal Dual Band WiFi Ranger Extender
Asus RT-N12 D1 Wireless Router

3Com USB Ethernet Adapter
Nintendo GameCube Broadband 10/100.Mbit Ethernet Adapter
Jensen 3000DG 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Gigabit Router

And several other Ethernet Cards (Realtek, Intel, Marvel Yukon etc..)

My Cell Phones 1

Sony Xperia Z3+

Huawei P30 Pro 256.GB

DZ-09 Smart Watch

Sony Xperia Z3+

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

DZ-09 Smart Watch

My Cell Phones 2

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Gear Galaxy Watch V700

My Cell Phones 3

HTC Touch Cruise 2

HTC Desire HD (2.3/3.0)

LG E900 Optimus 7.8

My Cell Phones 4

HTC S710

Sony Ericsson BT Speaker

QTEC 2020

My Cell Phones 5

Sony Ericsson K700i Nokia 7260

Motorola Razr V3i (512.MB)

MTU Bluetooth Stereo Headset

My Cell Phones 5

Symbian, Pocket PC etc..
Nokia 6150 Motorola T720 Siemens SX45 Nokia N-Gage Sony Ericsson T630

USB Units


Olympus MP3 Player
Olympus Camera

NX-30 3D Glasses 144.Hz Black (For projector)
NX-30 3D Glasses 144.Hz Black (For projector)
Samsung QI Charger USB
EasyCap USB 2.0 Video Capture
Retro Design USB DB-9 USB V 3.0 Adapter (Flashable)
Barcode Reader Black - USB
Sandisk USB 3.0 32.GB High Speed Flash
Sandisk USB 3.0 32.GB High Speed Flash Ultra Fit
4-Port USB 3.0 Hub
7-Port USB 3.0 Hub
Retronic SNES USB Pad
MicroUSB Android 3-Port USB Hub
Sony HD Camcorder
Canon Digital Ixus 70 7.1Mp Digital Camera
Canon Digital Ixus 500 5.0Mp Digital Camera

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player
Xbox 360 Live Vision
Xbox 360 Wired Controller
LOGITECH Universal Remote Harmony 525
Olympus MR-100 5.GB MP3 Player
Creative Nomad Jukebox 6.GB
Creative Nomad Jukebox 3, 20.GB
Nokia N-Gage - Silver
Nokia N-Gage - Black
Motorola Razr V3i
Siemens SX45 (Casio Cassiopeia E-200 Pocket PC)
USB 2.0 S-ATA, IDE, 2.5" 480.Mbit Adapter

Noname 4-Port USB 2.0 HUB
Logitech 4-Port USB HUB
Logitech Wireless Wingman Extreme Pad
Logitech Wingman Force 3D
Logitech Quickcam
Logitech MX900 (Bluetooth adapter + Mouse)
Logitech PS3 Chillstream USB Gamepad

Mayflash Switch USB-C Wireless Adapter (Multi System) (Works with Switch, PC, PS3, Steam Link and NVIDIA Shield TV)
Mayflash GameCube Adapter 2-Port
Adaptoid USB N64 Adapter #1
Adaptoid USB N64 Adapter #2
Mayflash Wireless Wii U - PC USB Adapter
SuperJoy 13 GameCube Pad Adapter
PC Magic Box USB (Dreamcast, Saturn, PSX/PS2) Adapter
EMS Trio Linker USB (GameCube, Dreamcast, PSX/PS2) Adapter | Pic #2
Commodore Amiga/64//Atari/Sega USB Joystick adapter
X-Arcade - 2 Player

Sandisk Ultra USB3.0 32GB
Sandisk Ultra USB3.0 32GB
Lexar JD Firefly USB2.0 16GB
Lexar JD Firefly USB2.0 16GB
Kingston DataTraveler 1.GB USB 2.0
Kingston DataTraveler 4.GB USB 2.0
Kingston DataTraveler 8.GB USB 2.0
Kingston DataTraveler 16.GB USB 2.0
Verbatim 16.GB USB 2.0
Transcend USB 3.0 SD Reader
Trust EDR Bluetooth 2.0 (100m range)
D-Link DUB-H7 USB 2.0 HUB 7-Port
D-Link DWL-120 USB Wireless
D-Link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter
3Com USB Ethernet Adapter
Bluetooth USB #1
Bluetooth USB #2

InkClub 35 in 1 Card Reader USB 2.0
Sandisk Imagemate 12 in 1 Reader/Writer USB 2.0
Sandisk Micromate SD/SDHC Reader/Writer USB 2.0
Videologic Webcam
Polaroid PDC330

Lacie Porsche 2.TB USB 3.0
Maxell Tank 4.TB USB 3.0 #1
Maxell Tank 4.TB USB 3.0 #2
Maxell Tank 4.TB USB 3.0 #3
Seagate Central (NAS) #1 2.TB
Seagate Central (NAS) #2 2.TB
Seagate 2.TB USB 3.0 (PS4)
Seagate 2.TB USB 3.0
Seagate 1.TB USB 3.0 #1
Seagate 1.TB USB 3.0 #2
Seagate 1.TB USB 3.0 #3
Seagate 1.TB USB 3.0 #4
Seagate 1.TB USB 3.0 #5
Seagate 2.TB USB 3.0
Seagate 4.TB USB 3.0
Seagate 6.TB USB 3.0 + USB HUB #1
Seagate 6.TB USB 3.0 + USB HUB #2
Seagate 2.TB USB 3.0
Seagate Freeagent 1500.GB USB 2.0
WD My Book 4.TB USB 3.0
Verbatim 1500.GB USB 2.0 #1
Verbatim 1500.GB USB 2.0 #2
Maxtor OneTouch 4 750.GB USB 2.0
Maxtor Jade Basics 500.GB USB 2.0
Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 320.GB USB 2.0
Toshiba 500.GB External HD USB 3.0
Toshiba Canvio Basics 1.TB External HD USB 3.0 #1
Toshiba Canvio Basics 1.TB External HD USB 3.0 #2
Toshiba Canvio 2.TB External HD USB 3.0 #1
Toshiba Canvio 2.TB External HD USB 3.0 #2
Iomega Prestige 500.GB USB 2.0
Iomega Prestige 1000.GB USB 2.0
LaCie 250GB P3 USB2.0
Icy Box 5 1/4 USB 2.0/Firewire IDE External Case 250.GB
Icy Box 5 1/4 USB 2.0/Firewire IDE External Case 120.GB

ADS Tech USB 2.0 Drive Kit (DVD-ROM)

And many more!

Lacie Porsche 2.TB

Ixus 70 (7.1 Mp)

Ixus 500 (5 Mp)

Acer Aspire M1470

AMD Quad Core
BenQ 24" FullHD LCD G2400W
AMD Quad Core A8-3850 APU
Sandstrøm Wireless 2.4Ghz Mouse
ATI Radeon HD 6550D
2x USB 3.0
6x USB 2.0
1.5.TB HD
Gigabit Ethernet
Realtek HD

Cinet - Pentium Dual Core - 3.0Ghz

Pentium 830 Dual Core
BenQ 24" FullHD LCD G2400W
Asus 19" LCD Widescreen VW192S
Club3D Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition 256MB PCIe 16x, 256BIT, DDR, DVI+DVI+VIVO 
Intel Pentium D 830 - 3.0Ghz Socket 775 PC800, 2MB cache, Boxed, Dual-Core
Kingston 2GB KIT DDR2 PC4200 1024MB x 2, 240pins, 533Mhz, CL4
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
AOpen H600B Midi Tower Black ATX, 350W, 24pins power, SATA, USB+FW
Nexus PHT-7750 silent CPU cooler Socket 775, 17-28dBA
Ione Lynx R21 Optical Mouse Prokit
HITACHI 400GB SATA-2 HD 7200RPM, 16MB cache
Samsung 400GB SATA-2 HD 7200RPM, 16MB cache
Samsung 750GB SATA-2 HD 7200RPM, 32MB cache
- Maxtor 200GB DiamondMAX Plus 10 SATA-2 HD 7200RPM
- Maxtor 200GB DiamondMAX Plus 10 SATA-2 HD 7200RPM
- Maxtor 300GB DiamondMAX Plus SATA-2 HD 7200RPM, 16MB cache
- Maxtor 250GB DiamondMAX Plus SATA-2 HD 7200RPM, 16MB cache
- Western Digital MyPassport Ultra 500.GB
- Western Digital Elements 500.GB #1
- Western Digital Elements 500.GB #2
- Western Digital Elements 1.TB
- Seagate 4.TB USB 3.0
- Seagate 2.TB USB 3.0
- WD My Book 4.TB USB 3.0
NEC ND-3540 DVD±RW 16x Dual layer - Black
Optiarc AD-5200A
DVD±RW 16x Dual layer - Black
Sony 3.5" 1.44MB Black Floppy
Logitech Internet Pro Keyboard Black
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse Midnight Black

Canon  Smartbase MP370
Canon PIXMA iP3000

REC(C)Inet Pentium 4 - 2.4Ghz

Pentium 4
NEC V921 19" Monitor TCO99 (Link)
Intel Pentium 4 - 2.4Ghz / 512K Cache (Link)
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128.MB
Aopen GeForce 4 TI 4200 128.MB (Link)
Logitech Cordless Desktop / Optical Mouse
Logitech MX900 (Bluetooth adapter + Mouse)
E-IDE Controller (RAID) (4 Connectors)
ST Labs PCI UDMA 133 E-IDE I/O Controller (4 Connectors)
ST Labs PCI Serial-ATA Controller (RAID) (2 Connectors)
11 USB 2.0 Ports (2 Front / 6 Back / 4 HUB)
Pioneer DVR-109 16X DVD Burner, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-R/RW/ Dual Layer
Sony CRX 225A 52x24x52 CD-RW
Creative Audigy Player 5.1 (Link)
Western Digital 250.GB Serial-ATA
Maxtor 120.GB HD ATA133/5400 (Link)
Maxtor 120.GB HD ATA133/7200
IBM ATA 100 40.GB
D-Link DI-614+ Wireless Router
D-Link 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet
D-Link DWL-USB Wireless
D-Link DBT-120 Bluetooth Adapter
Memorex 16x/48x DVD-ROM RETAIL (Power DVD)
D-Link 604 Broadband Ethernet Router 10/100 (Link)
Y-E Data - Floppy 1.44MB (Link)
Logitech Multimedia Keyboard (Link)
Logitech 3 Button mouse w/scroll (Link)
Intel Pro/100 S 10/100 PCI NIC (Ethernet) (Link)
Wingman Cordless 2.4Ghz Gamepad
PC Magic Box (Dreamcast, Saturn and PSX/PS2 Joypad adapter)
EMS Trio Linker USB (GameCube, Dreamcas, PSX/PS2) Adapter
Logitech QuickCam
MagicBox PC (Dreamcast, Saturn, PS1, PS2)
Super JoyBox 13 (GameCube)
Commodore Amiga/64//Atari/Sega USB Joystick adapter
2 Adaptoid (Nintendo 64)
+ Misc shit ;)

Look below for lots of "shared" extra hardware!

Commodore/Escom Amiga 1200T

AMIGA 1200 #1

Amiga 1200T Escom AG / Kickstart 3.1
Micronik Infinitive Tower / 20.A PSU / PCMCIA Adapter / Inf.Keyboard
ATI 15" Monitor
Maxtor 8.5 GB HD.
Mitsumi 4804TE CD-RW Burner
S-VGA Adapter
Workbench OS 3.9 / MAC OS 7.5 / pOS 2 (BeOS)
Blizzard 1230-IV/50 / 34.MB RAM
Squirrel SCSI-2 Controller
Toshiba 8xSpeed CD-Rom. 
Sanyo 2xSpeed SCSI CD-Rom
External 1.76 MB HD Disk Drive
Jensen 10/100.Mbit PCMCIA Ethernet
CD32 Joypad
Gravis Gamepad
Advanced Flight stick
Zip Stick and lots of others

AMIGA 1200 #2

Amiga 1200 / Kickstart 3.1
DKB 1200 68030/28 MMU / FPU / 34.MB Ram.

A1200T #1

A1200 #2

Fujitsu Siemens S-4542 Lifebook

Pentium 3
Portable PC / 12.1" TFT Screen
Pentium 3 - 600 Mhz
256.MB RAM
80.GB HD
Port Replicator
Network Adapter
Serial Port
Paralell Port
2 PS/2 Ports
S-VGA Output
Line in and out
NetCom Globetrotter Option GT 3G Quad (Portable DSL 384K, UMTS)
D-Link DUB-C2 Cardbus Adapter USB 2.0 (2 Ports)
ADS Tech External USB 2.0 Drive Kit (DVD-ROM, DVD/CD-Burner, Hard Drive)
ICYBOX External 3,5"+5,25" USB 2.0/Firewire #1 250.GB HD
ICYBOX External 3,5"+5,25" USB 2.0/Firewire #2 DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW
And probably more...

Commodore AMIGA CD32 w/Promodule

68020 + FPU
Amiga CD32 / Kickstart 3.1
CD32 ProModule /HD/FPU/Paralell/RGB/KB/RS232/FMS Slot
10.MB Ram / 2.MB Chip 8.MB Fast 
40.Mhz FPU 
A4000 Keyboard + Windows 95 Keyboard
Western Digital 1.3 GB HD 
External HD Drive (1.76 MB) 
1 Original CD32 Joypad
3 Honeybee CD32 pads

Commodore AMIGA CD32 #2

Amiga CD32 / Kickstart 3.1
40.Mhz FPU
A4000 Keyboard or Windows 95 Keyboard
Communicator II Pro (Scala/FMV/CD Player controler and more)
1 Original CD32 Joypad

PC Computer (IBM) (With everything HW installed)

Pentium 2
IBM Aptiva 17" SVGA TCO Monitor
CPU - Intel Pentium 2 400.Mhz
Orchid Voodoo 2 3DFX 12.MB
768.MB PC 133 SDRAM (3x 256.MB)
512.KB L2 Cache
Trust Keyboard + Wireless Mouse
Samsung 240B - 40/12/40 CD-RW (0-99 min CD-R)
Logitech Mouseman 3-Button Mouse
Logitech 4-Port USB HUB
Trust External S-VGA Adapter
Videologic Webcam (640x480 Colour)
Animax Animir Remote Control (TV, CD, Video, AUX1, AUX2 and lots more)
Maxtor 160.GB HD
4x/24x/96x DVD ROM
Alcatel ADSL adapter and splitter
TeleS ISDN Adapter
D-Link 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
Crystal 4235, SRS 3D, Yamaha DB50XG
Pinnacle PCTV Rave (TV, Video Grabber)
Realtek Network adapter (Both TP and BNC)
3COM USB Ethernet card 
IBM Rapid Access Keyboard
Acer Flatbed 32 Bit Scanner
Canon BJC 4400 Printer
IBM Scrollpoint Mouse
Infinity Speakers (I use stereo anyway)
2 Adaptoid USB adapters with 2 Nintendo 64 Controllers and 2 Rumble Packs (14 Button joypads + controller)
1 Wheel and Pedals
1 Thrustmaster Flight stick
1 Wireless Joypad
1 Saitek Gamepad
1 Saitek Flight stick

PC Computer ACT (Self built)

Pentium 1
Soyo 5TF5 Intel Triton HX Main Board 
3.2 GB HD
Cardex Dragon 1000 Voodoo 3DFX - 3D Accelerator
Quantum Fireball 850.MB HD 1
Quantum Fireball 850.MB HD 2
Dynalink ISDN Adapter
SoundBlaster 16 Plug & PREY!
Gravis Ultrasound ACE 1.MB
Reveal 300 FM Radio Card
Toshiba 5602B 8xSpeed CD-Rom
Mitsumi FX-400 4x CD-Rom
Goldstar 8xSpeed CD-Rom
Viewtop S3D Virge 325 4.MB
2x16550 Serial (One for each Amiga) with Twin Express Redirected to Dopus + Siamese SCSI
Conner 250.MB TapeStreamer QIC-80
Exabyte 2.Mb Tape Accelerator
Accton Combo Ethernet Network Card (Both TP and BNC)
Terra MAXI Tower (5 5.25 and 2 Internal 3.5)
Panasonic 1.2 MB 5/14 Drive.
Promise Disk-Accelerator

Nintendo Game Cube!

PPC 484Mhz

GameCube Revision 1 with 3 Expansion Slots/Digital video
1 Broadband Adapter 10/100.Mbit (ADSL, LAN etc..)
1 Original Component Video Cable (Progressive Scan)
1 GameCube Replacement Case

1 X-Arcade Adapter
1 Donkey Konga Jungle Beat With Drums
1 Original Controller (Blue)
1 Original Controller (Silver/Chrome)
1 Team 5 controller
2 MTU Gameware Controllers W/Rubber Coating
1 Hori Digital Controller (SNES Design)
1 RGB Cable (Nintendo)
1 59.Block Memcard (Nintendo)
5, 251 Block (16.MB) Memcard's (MTU)
1 59.Block Memcard (Joytech)
2 Joypad Extension (Joytech)
1 Composite Audio/Video Cable (Nintendo)

43 Game Cube Games

Nintendo 64

4 Nintendo 64 Controllers
4 Rumble Packs
2 Extension Cables
3 1.MB Memory Cards (12 Cards)
Action Replay 3.30 w/PC Connector
Transfer Pak N64 <-> Gameboy
4.MB RAM Expansion
RGB Scart Cable
Action Replay 2.0 / PAL/NTSC Adapter

Sega Dreamcast

2 Original Sega Dreamcast Controllers
3 Sega VMU Mempacks 1.MB
VGA Cable
Network Cable
Topway Fishing Rod
Skillz PS/2 PC Keyboatrd/Mouse adapter
1.MB Joytech Mempack/Vibration
2 Extension Cables
Concept 4 Racing Wheel and pedals
4.MB Mempack

Nintendo Gameboy

GBX Xchanger with 64.MB Cart (Backup unit)
NUBY Amplifier glass
NUBY light
External Power Supply

Commodore Amiga 500+

68020 + FPU
Amiga 500+ 
Kickstart 3.1/2.04/1.3 (With switcher)
M-Tec 68020 16.Mhz 
FPU 68881 14.Mhz 
2.MB Chip / 6.MB 32-Bit Fast Ram. Total of 8.MB Ram. 
3.SlingShot Zorro II Slots 
BSC AT 2008 Oktagon HD Controller 
BSC Tandem 800 CD+IDE Controller 
Mitsumi 4xSpeed CD-Drive 
Bigfoot 20.A PowerSupply 
Quantum Traiblazer 850.MB HD x 2 Total of 1.7 GB. 
2 External Drives
1 External 1.76 MB Drive
Commodore A590 20.MB SCSI 2.MB Fast RAM. 
Commodore A690 CDTV CD-Rom Drive
Datel Action Replay MK III 
Pyramid Video Grabber
Daily-Vidi HAM Grabber
Commodore MPS 1250 Printer

Nokia N-Gage

N-Gage (Silver)
N-Gage (Black) w/GPS
Apacer MMC 256.MB
Sandisc MMC 128.MB FlasCard
5 Commercial Games
Car Charger

Commodore Amiga 500

Amiga 500 WB 1.3.2

Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo
2 Controllers

Commodore 128D

Commodore 128D (With internal diskdrive)
OS: Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and CP/M
Tape Recorder

Sony Playstation

Sony Playstation
Stealth Mod-Chip
2 Dual Shock controllers
2 Extension Cables

Commodore VIC-20

Almost new VIC-20 (Hasn't been used since 1983)
5 Game carts
Tape Recorder

Commodore VIC-20 (Number 2)


Atari Lynx


Nintendo NES

2 Pads

Belkin AC Anywhere 300W

Belkin AC Anywhere 300W - 12V -> 220V